Frequently Asked Questions

🤔 Why did you create this? 👉 Simply put, because I get mad at people who send me spoilers, you can read more about that here 🤔 Can I send a custom spoiler? 👉 Yep! Just send me a message in the chat button located at the bottom-right corner of the site 🤔 How does the spoilers looks like? 👉 You can see an example here 🤔 How can I make sure a spoiler did sent successfully? 👉 You will receive an email notification if your spoiler did or did not sent successfully. You can also add your own number if you don't mind to spoil yourself! 🤔 What happens if my spoilers fails to send? 👉 I coded a little robot that notifies me when a spoiler fails to send, along with the data so don't worry, I will get back to you soon via email to sort it out 🤔 Can I see the responses of my victims? 👉 That's a great question! I'm implementing that feature and should be released in a few weeks, stay tuned by subscribing! 🤔 I got a tv show/spoiler suggestion! 👉 Awesome! Just click on the request button located at the top-right corner of the site and send it to me 🤔 How do I know when new tv shows are added? 👉 There's an email form in the site 🤔 Will you release Spoil Your Enemies in other languages? 👉 Yep! I will be doing that in the next months, subscribe to stay informed! 🤔 I got a super awesome idea! 👉 You can send me a tweet or dm via Twitter here 🤔 Who's the evil person behind this? 👉 My name is Enrique Benitez, I'm a full-stack developer and maker, I love to make cool stuff, you can say hi on Twitter or visit my site to know more about me